Award-Winning Spa Environments


Satorispace is the leader in meditation & revitalization vibrAcousticTM sound environments.  Called satorispaceTM, these beautiful, calming, meditation environments are ideal for transporting your clients to a place of ultimate relaxation and regeneration. Heralded as the first computer-controlled  spa therapy that actually trains the brain to relax, satorispaceTM makes it possible for even the busiest minds to achieve deep levels of meditation, regardless of skill level.  In addition to the meditative experience, the Satori ZRO VibrAcoustic chair provides an intense vibrAcoustic massage experience, that exclusively uses sound waves. Gentler and less invasive (users can remain fully-clothed) than traditional massage therapy. From the moment your client enters satorispaceTM and experiences the patented Satori Wellness System, their senses are completely enveloped in a state of calm...

And then, Satori happens.

Satorispace,  Virtu’ Spa,  Washington Township, NJ