Rod Slane

The Music

A sound technician, composer and music therapist, Rod has used his 40+ years of experience in the music industry to create all of the sound therapies incorporated  in Prescription Audio's unique (signature) satorispaceTM and ZRO VibrAcoustic wellness systems. 

In 2005 Rod created and released his original sound /music protocol called “Quantum Harmonics”. After its success, Rod then designed and built his first computer controlled frequency dispersion chair, the Satori ZRO VibrAcoustic Wellness System, which he patented in 2009.

Rod began his music career as a teenager in playing in rock bands emulating the wave of popular music known as the 'British Invasion'. Not content with simply mastering the guitar, early on he moved from instrument to instrument, becoming proficient in each while experimenting with their many unique sounds. It was not long before Rod began composing music of his own, known in the 70’s as “New Age” or “Space Music”.

Over the next 25 years Rod would not only score feature films, compose music for Television and write and perform hundreds of radio and TV commercials, but would produce and engineer his creations in a professional recording studio he built in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The studio afforded him the unique opportunity to expand his creative talents as a sound designer and acoustician, developing new enhancements to his psychoacoustic sound therapies. By 2004, he and his wife Jill had created “Natural Wellness Therapy”, a sound meditation therapy for stress relief, lowering anxiety, and sleep problems.

Today Rod creates music and sound therapies under the trade Satorispace, which he describes as having less structure than traditional music, with added space between the notes. Rod believes that his unique, unstructured compositions have proven overwhelmingly successful at relieving stress and easily putting his many listeners into a deep meditative state.

Learning to listen to the space between the notes affords you an experience that cannot be understood with the cluttered, thinking, mind.

It is in this space that allows you to go inside yourself and just be....if only for a moment.     -    r slane